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Sunday, October 9, 2011


Another Survivor's story: I Survived the hell of Yaakov Bryski

Yaakov Bryski is an evil man who has used his position to destroy many innocent souls. An evilness that has spanned over 25 years. The following story occurred more than 2 decades ago. 
My name is Ozer …… and I survived the hell of Bryski!! There will be some people that see Bryski’s name on this site and say how this could be, he has a good reputation, he has been helping children his entire life, Let me tell you the TRUTH, He is the most evil of persons and a very dangerous deviant. 
I survived and this is my story in short, My mother and I became Baale Tshuvas through Chabad in FL when I was about 10 years old. I was behind in my Hebrew studies, so with the advice of Rabbeim they said it would be a good idea to go to Chanoch Lenaar.                                             
I travelled to Chanoch Lenaar as an innocent boy. I was having trouble with algebra and Bryski told my mother he would tutor me, so I could pass the algebra regents. After maariv Bryski would have everybody leave the school part of the building and go to the dorm part (2 buildings side by side with a door in-between). With the door locked and building empty he told me to go into his office. He locked the doors in his office and closed the blinds. He sat me next to him behind his desk. He first started putting his arm around me telling me that I was so special and that we have a special connection. After a few more lessons he had his hand on my thigh then eventually into my pants. He would do the unthinkable. Sometimes holding me even kissing me on the lips telling me that this is special and if I dare tell anybody they would never believe me and he would expel me with no place to go to school.
He would come into the dormitory after lights out and take me to his house to sleepover to get more algebra tutoring. I was given a bedroom either upstairs or in the basement. He would study with me for a time and then put me to bed. I would be falling asleep, when I would be woken by Bryski making his way into my bed in his pajamas. There is no need to write down what he did to me! Words cannot describe! This became a ritual, crazy enough I did not fight him off, I would just let him have his way with me. In the morning we would walk back to the yeshiva together and go through the day like nothing ever happened.
My mother took me out of the yeshiva after she found out that I had the chicken pox and that I stayed at Bryskis house for 2 weeks without ever mentioning it to her (he convinced me not to tell her I was sick because she'd be very worried). Remember I'm an only child and was very close to my mother so that was out of the ordinary behavior. She had a mother’s instinct but she could not pin point anything as I never spoke to anybody about what he did to me until I was engaged.                                                       
After telling my future wife and mother of what Bryski did to me, I tried to get Bryski removed from his position of running a school. Since the statute of limitations expired for criminal prosecution I was not able to. I then went and hired an attorney. Before he took the case he made me take a lie detector test  and go to therapy. However my word against Bryski for something that happened so long ago was an uphill battle, We just needed other victims, I tried to find other victims but ran into dead ends every path and step of the way. I promised myself that if I find another guy whose life and soul were abused by Bryski, I would do whatever in my power to show the world what a perverted beast this man is! THIS WEB SITE DID JUST THAT!                                                      
I live with the fact that I'm a survivor of sexual abuse and I ask myself how I let it happen to me. I have guilt that I did not do enough to get Bryski removed, so that no other boy would go through the hell that I went through! He took part of my soul and my belief in God! I hope that other victims come forth and together we will confront the monster that took part of our innocence and spirit!
If you are a victim or a survivor of Yaakov Bryski, or anyone else don’t wait till its too late to come forward, come forward now and together we will take these evil men monsters down.

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